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We Transfer Your 8mm Movies , 16mm Film & Videos to DVD

We Transfer Photos and Slides to DVD

We Copy and Restore Damaged Photos

and Convert Your Records and Audio Tapes to CDs

"The Best in Tampa Bay, Florida"

In Tampa, Florida Near St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Lakeland

If you have old 8mm movies, super 8mm movie film, or 16mm movies, video tapes, audio tapes , old records and LPs, old photos and 35mm slides stored in your closet now is the time to transfer them to DVD or CD.



Movie film becomes brittle and damaged with time and should never be watched on a home movie projector due to the sharp teeth on the capstan drives in the projector. These teeth will almost always tear the film or the bulb will burn the film when the film becomes jammed in the movie projector. We use high speed film scanners to digitize your movies in contrast to most film transfer companies that project your precious movies with an old movie projector on a rear screen projector and then video tape the screen which results in hot spots in the center of the frame, vignetting around the corners and flickering of the movie. We refuse to use these inferior methods of preserving your film.

Video tapes celluloid becomes weak and tears easily within their video cases and often lose the quality of their image and sound due to time and lack of use. Because video is an older technology many of our clients do not even have a VCR currently hooked up to their TV.

Photos often fade or discolor with improper processing or storage and can not be shared among family members.

However, the most important reason to send your memories to Feldman's Photography is so you can preserve and share your memories among family and friends. We can scan and digitize every kind of movie, image or audio tape and transfer these files to CD, DVD, or computer hard drives for all of your family to enjoy for many generations.

NOTE:  For more information about how video tapes and movies degrade over time and how to store your movies check our "How to Store and Care for Video Tapes" by clicking here.

Our Tampa Florida - Hillsborough County digital transfer studio located just nine miles North of downtown Tampa converts and transfers all forms of images to CD, DVD, or computer hard drives. For over 35 years we have regularly served clients throughout Florida from Pensacola to Miami and from Jacksonville to St. Petersburg, Clearwater and its surrounding areas in Pinellas County, Pasco and Hardee Counties.

The majority of our satisfied clients ship their movies and photographs to us via UPS or FedEx. However, if you live in the Tampa Bay area please call for an appointment and then bring in your video tapes, movies, or images for us to convert.

If you would like the best quality DVDs for your old movies call our Tampa studio at 813-685-4343 M-F from 10-7.

We promise to convert your memories with the utmost care - the proper way!

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