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8mm & 16mm Movie Equipment

Below Are Photos Of Equipment Typically

Used to Film, Edit and Project

8mm and 16mm Home Movies

8mm Movie Camera

Above is a typical 8mm movie camera used by millions of households to capture their family history.

8mm & 16mm Movie Editor

Above is a typical 8mm and 16mm movie film editor. Notice the splicing device on the front center and the screen which was lit from behind to see the movies tranferring from the left reel to the right reel. The movie editor was cranked by hand to advance the film.

8mm movie projector

Above is a typical 8mm movie projector.

8mm Film Sizes

Movies film came in 3 inch 50 foot reels that the film maker would splice using the movie film editor shown above into 4, 5, 6, or 7 inch reels.

8mm film cartidge

Above is a Super 8mm film cartridge. Prior to this film makers had to hand load their film into their movie camera.

movie film sizes

Above are the three sizes of home movie film.

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