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We Convert Audio Tapes and
Audio Cassettes to CDs and MP3 files
"The Best in Tampa Bay, Florida"

In Tampa near St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Lakeland

We Digititize and transfer Your Old Analog Reel to Reel

Tapes and Audio Cassettes to CD

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We convert all types of audio to cd or to a digital format:

Many of our clients want to know up front how many minutes are on their audio tapes. This is not possible since audio recordings like video recordings could be recorded at different speeds, Audio tapes could have been recorded at 1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2 or 15 feet per minute. In our experience the average speed was 7 1/2 feet per minute.

Below is a chart for round reel-to-reel diameter sizes and the possible number of minutes for each.

          • 3 inch = 8 minutes
          • 4 inch = 24 minutes
          • 5 inch = 30 minutes
          • 6 inch = 44 minutes
          • 7 inch = 60 minutes
          • 8 inch = 90 minutes
          • 10 inch = 120 minutes

Give your old recordings no matter what analog format a new life!

We are dedicated to restoring and preserving precious sound recordings.

Let Feldman's Phoography transfer your precious cassettes and reel-to-reels to CD's. The advantage of CD's vs. tape is that CDs do not wear with repeated play, do not warp or crack, and tapes only have a much shorter shelf life.

Using digital technologies previously unavailable we can drastically improve the sound of your original tape recording to a much cleaner CD Sound.

Collectors of audio cassettes, reel to reel and 8-tracks love us since they can now actually listen to their recordings, enjoy the music, and play it for others without fear of degrading the quality of their collection.

We promise to convert your memories with the utmost care - the proper way!

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