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8mm & 16mm Movie Film
& Video Tapes Converted
to Hard Drives
"The Best in Tampa Bay, Florida"

In Tampa near St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Lakeland

We transfer Your Movies to a Computer Hard Drive.

You do the Editing!

At Feldman's Photography we convert your old 8mm & 16mm home movie film or video tapes to a movie format and upload the files to a computer hard drive.

Whether it is either 8 mm or 16 mm movie film or analog video tapes we first convert it to a digital format and then convert the files to an uncompressed AVI or MOV file. Lastly, we will transfer your movies onto a computer hard drive for your future editing at home.

We normally provide the hard drive formatted for either a PC or Mac in the size required based on the amount of film we scan. For every hour of film transferred we need at least thirteen gigabytes of hard drive space. If you insist on providing a hard drive it must be totally formatted with no data on it. We can not be responsible for losing your information.

Most of our clients do both a DVD for immediate enjoyment and a data filled hard drive for removing bad footage, editing scenes, adding titles and credits and scene transitions at a later time.

8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm Film Transfer Services Includes:

  • Film cleaning and lubrication

  • Frame By Frame Film Transfer

  • Free Color Correction

  • Custom Chapter Titles and a DVD Menu Included

  • Movie Formats Available for you to edit at home

  • Work is always performed in the USA by Professional Videographers

Analog Video tapes are digitized prior to transferring them to a hard drive. Examples of analog video tapes are:

      • VHS

      • VHSC, VHS Compact, VHS-C

      • 8mm video to DVD

      • Beta to DVD

      • Beta Max

      • BetaSP

      • PAL to NTSC

      • NTSC to PAL

      • SECAM to NTSC

      • NTSC to SECAM

      • Umatic, U-Matic, UCA

      • Audio Tapes to CD

Digital Video tapes are transferred as is to a PC or Mac hard drive.

Examples of digital video tapes are:

      • 8mm video

      • Hi8, HI-8

      • DV, Mini DV

      • DV Cam, DVC Pro

      • Digital 8

      • Mini DVD

      • Sony MicroMV

      • D-VHS

      • HDCAM

      • Digital Betacam, DigiBeta

We promise to convert your memories with the utmost care - the proper way!

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