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Old Negatives Scanned & Transferred To CD, DVD or Hard Drive
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Feldman's Photography provides professional high-resolution slide, film, and print scanning services. We scan nearly all film types at up to 4000ppi using the latest professional grade scanning equipment. In other words, your negatives, slides, or prints will receive top quality, fast turnaround, and top-notch service.

Types of negatives we scan and transfer to CD or DVD:

  • 110 & 126 "instamatic" unmounted positive filmstrip scanning
  • 110 & 126 "instamatic" unmounted negative filmstrip scanning
  • 35mm, 110, 126, & 127 slide scanning
  • 35mm negative scanning
  • 35mm transparency scanning
  • Selective frame 35mm negative scanning
  • 120/220 medium format slide scanning
  • 120/220 medium format negative scanning
  • 120/220 medium format transparency scanning
  • 4x5 inch large format negative scanning
  • 4x5 inch large format transparency scanning
  • Print scanning of any size
  • Custom high-end DVD slideshow authoring

It's a fact that negatives and slides deteriorate over time. You don't want to wait until it's too late and find out that your precious memories have faded away, do you? If you value your memories and want to preserve them the best option you have is film scanning. High-resolution scans are a great way to archive and preserve your history, because unlike film, digital files do not fade or color shift on their own. Files can be copied in a few mouse clicks and storage media is fairly inexpensive. This means copies can be easily made and stored in multiple locations. Simple storage is not the only benefit of having your film scanned, there are many advantages to bringing your film into the digital age.

Once your slides and film have been scanned it can be restored to its original condition and even be improved. In most cases, colors can be brought back to life and fading restored. We do basic color corrections and fading restoration on all our scans free of charge. However, many of our clients want further adjustments to improve the color and composition of their photographs. People can be added or removed from your photographs, tears and scratches removed, color photographs can be transformed to beautiful black & white and b&w photos can be colorized. The possibilities are endless!

All our scans are done individually by hand to ensure the highest level of quality possible. Materials are evaluated pre and post scan and adjustments are made if needed. Your materials are always handled professionally and with care, we know they are priceless to you.

When we've completed scanning your negatives, slides, or prints we return your original materials along with the CD or DVD containing the film scans. Our scans are labeled numerically so you can order photo restorations or prints from Feldman's Photography at a later time.

If you order a CD or DVD they can be either in a data format or a slide show format. The data format contains either high resolution files for later printing or low resolution images that can be immediately viewed on your computer.

We serve clients throughout the USA whether they are individuals, amateur or professional photographers, businesses, universities, and more. Whether you have one frame or 100,000 frames we can accommodate you. Our customers are located throughout the country. Here are some of the places we serve: Alabama AL, Alaska AK, Arkansas AR, Arizona AZ, California CA, Colorado CO, Connecticut CT, District of Columbia DC, Delaware DE, Florida FL, Georgia GA, Hawaii HI, Idaho ID, Iowa IA, Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Kansas KS, Kentucky KY, Louisiana LA, Massachusetts MA, Maryland MD, Maine ME, Michigan MI, Missouri MO, Minnesota MN, Mississippi MS, Montana MT, North Carolina NC, North Dakota ND, Nebraska NE, New Hampshire NH, New Jersey NJ, New Mexico NM, New York NY, Nevada NV, Ohio OH, Oklahoma OK, Oregon OR, Pennsylvania PA, Rhode Island RI, South Carolina SC, South Dakota SD, Tennessee TN, Texas TX, Utah UT, Virginia VA, Vermont VT, Washington WA, Wisconsin WI, West Virginia WV, Wyoming WY.


We promise to convert your memories with the utmost care - the proper way!

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